A message for retailers who pitch shop local when promoting their shop

If you are a small business retailer and you pitch shop local in promoting your business, please take a look inside your business. Look at what you buy, the source of the goods and services.

Do you shop local?

Shoppers today notice these things. They want to know the source of what you sell and use in your business.

Because the understand that shopping local is about more than product or goods being made locally.

Shopping local is about a whole of business local experience.

Tower Systems is an Australian POS software company serving local small business retailers with locally developed, supported and trained POS software for speciality retailers.

Many of our competitors are based overseas. When you buy, rent or lease their software, 100% of what you spend leaves the country.

When. you buy, rent or lease from Tower Systems, 100% of the spend stays in Australia.

If you are a local small business retailer and want to show off your local credentials, shop local for your POS software with the locally grown and supported Tower Systems retail management software.

By shopping locally with us you are supporting the Aussie tech industry. This is good for the economy as well as the career paths of school leavers. Yes, shop local reaches beyond the transaction itself. Shopping local delivers wonderful and appreciated value, often outside the business you shop with.

You’d see that in your shop too, when you support local suppliers. It could be part of the pitch you make to local shoppers, to support their local community because your reach is outside your shop and into the community.

We are a proud, strong and growing local POS software company offering world class software here in Australia as well as in New Zealand and some other Pacific region countries.

Our contribution is consistent and far-reaching, beyond out Hawthorn VIC office. This is a demonstration of the value of shop local – the jobs we provide, the families we support, the buying we do with other local businesses.

The circular relationships of supporting local businesses have value considerably beyond the $$$ transaction value in front of you.

For good local POS software for specialty retail, consider Tower Systems.

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