Some Tower Systems customers have been targeted by the VEND POS software company recently with a pitch to switch software.

What the VEND pitch has, in our opinion, failed to declare is what VEND does not offer.

We are a vertical market POS software comp0any. That is, we serve deeply the needs of specialty retailers in selected marketplaces. We specialise in software for specialist retailers in a through fully selected group of retail channels. Plus, we deliver all of this from within our software, without the need for our customers to rent or buy other software.

Being a comprehensive one stop shop for specialty retailers matters as it sees us delivering a more complete business solution to:

  1. Bike Shops.
  2. Jewellers.
  3. Garden Centres.
  4. Toy Shops.
  5. Book shops.
  6. Gift shops.
  7. Pet stores.
  8. Produce businesses.
  9. Newsagencies.
  10. Fishing and outdoors businesses.

These and more specialty retail channels are served from within our POS software, which has been developed, tailored and tuned for each and which is regularly updated.

Further, we work with the suppliers in these channels, closely, to help them serve the needs of the retailers they themselves serve.

If you look at VEND, from what we can see, it is a basic POS platform that uses other software to enable it to be pitched as specialty. That is, if this is the case, VFEND relies on these other companies to help VEND make their pitch.

At Tower Systems, we stand responsible for what we pitch and sell. We stand behind it through our training. We stand by it through our customer service from our help desk. This, to us, is a significant difference, a significant departure from what VEND offers to the businesses in ur channels to which it pitches.

Tower Systems is an Australian POS software company, based in Hawthorn Victoria. We are close to our customers with a range of touchpoint. This matters because it facilitates evolution of our software, ensuring it can and does meet the needs of retailers in the niche channels in which we serve. We are proud to do this and proud to be narrow in our specialty retail POS software focus.

To compare our software, reach out to us and one of our POS software experts will show you our software personally, after, first, asking about your business needs.