There was a time when retail loyalty programs focussed on points. Points were the currency that shoppers chased and retailers pushed. The thing is, points soon lost value, points became meaningless … because everyone offered points, all businesses accused them for shoppers who signed up. Points at one place were worth ten cents while at another place you needed a hundred times that to get close to ten cents worth.

Points based loyalty programs today are worth far less than ever before. They are not the traffic driver or differentiator they once were.

Shoppers love the new approaches to loyalty, approaches like BOGO – buy one get one free or half price, or the coffee card type approach but for other items for which this approach has not been usual or the $$$ off approach where shoppers accuse cash value to their ‘account’ for future use in store.

Giving shoppers control, allowing them to shop how and when they want, for what they want, delivers a better outcome to businesses that are genuinely customer focussed.

In the Tower systems POS software we deliver access to a suite of loyalty facilities that drive good outcomes, valuable outcomes, because shoppers appreciate the loyalty facilities and respond accordingly.

Take the BOGO opportunity in the Tower Systems Point of Sale software. Using this, we have seen jewellers, fishing shops, garden centres, gift shops, newsagents and toy shops drive shopper engagement, drive deeper shopping baskets as a result of a simple offer, clearly articulated and easily managed by the POS software.

As an engaged POS software company, we see it as our obligation to serve our customers through providing commercially valuable outcomes. In the loyalty space we shine, we bring to the table terrific software tools and a retail business understanding and experience that combine to deliver measurable outcomes.

We help our small business retailers grow more valuable businesses.

That $$$ off. Through this suite of loyalty marking tools we help small business retailers differentiate themselves, pitch differently to big businesses, to be more nimble and to be be more customer focussed.

Shoppers are loyal to businesses that respect them. Tower Systems helps small business retailers demonstrate respect in ways that shoppers love and in ways that are digestible to and commercially valuable for retailers.

This is good business.