Gift shop owners have plenty of choice when it comes to choosing gift shop software. There are many systems around and many companies from which to choose.

Choice is a good thing as it means you can compare and comparing is good.

If you are thinking about POS software for your gift shop, look around, do research, look for software that serves your needs  that is backed by training that works the way you want and has a support infrastructure setup how you would like to access support.

The software choice you make for your business is too important to get wrong. Hence, our advice to take your time, do your research, and make sure it is the decision you want.

Tower Systems serves hundreds of gift shops with Australian developed and supported gift shop software. We have been developing and supporting our gift shop software for years.

We think choosing a local company matters. It means they are closer to you, more understanding of local needs and more able to directly engage with you. Just as you might pitch shop local when promoting your local business that serves a local community, we think this m matters

Here is some of what you can do with the Tower Systems gift shop software:

  1. Handle buy now pay later with serval pay later services integrated with the software.
  2. Sell anywhere including in store, on the shop floor, at the local market, in homes, at clubs. Our Roam service makes selling anywhere easy.
  3. LayBy. If you offer this se4rvice in the old-fashioned (and often loved) way, we can help.
  4. Integrated EFTPOS. Fewer mistakes. A faster sales counter.
  5. Integrated Xero. Save time. Cut mistakes., Help guide better business reporting.
  6. Differentiating loyalty. Encourage loyalty with smart tools designed for your type of business. Give points the flick.
  7. Easy selling.
  8. fast selling.
  9. Beautiful receipts … Yes, you control their look!
  10. Special customer orders.
  11. Manage repairs – if you do them.
  12. Add value with what you sell. This is a secret and special facility our customers love.
  13. Cut dead stock.
  14. Help drive companion sales.

POS software is everywhere. Finding what is right for you  takes time, care and a software company willing to work with you to see if their pitch is right for you.

Tower Systems could be right. Check is out…