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About our POS software for local small business retailers

Portable POS software for on the road businesses

Tower Systems offers small business retailers easy access to a genuinely portable POS software solution that is cloud based and enables a business to transact anywhere, any time, taking and and card, easily, safely and quickly.

This new solution, called Retailer Roam, is innovative, fresh and 100% focussed on helping small business retailers go where you want to go, as the song says. It is all about helping retailers get to their customers, where their customers want.

Being cloud based, this portable POS software solution enables retailers to easily sell at markets, fairs, collectives, from the truck or car, at events, on the road side at pop-up retail and even from their own shop if they need another register lane opened quickly without costly and time-consuming infrastructure.

Retailer Roam is next generation POS software. Fast. Flexible. Cloud based. Easy to use. Elegant. Portable. deigned by and for retailers.

It is next gen POS software for next gen retailers.

We are grateful to bring this to small business retailers in Australia and New Zealand, grateful to land it as a beautiful piece of software tech and an elegant business solution.

This is Aussie POS software innovation, benefiting all retailers in the small business world, especially in the specialty retail channels in which Tower Systems serves.

As you would expect from well designed portable POS software, Retailer Roam works beautifully while not accessible to the internet. yes, you can keep going business. It syncs in the background and easily.

Remember, this software also allows you to sell 24/7 online too, through Shopify, magenta or Woo Commerce websites that link back to the business Retailer POS software.

All bases are covered, all needs are met with the technically strong and flexible cloud based POS software solutions from Tower Systems.

It is easy for a small local business to decide today to participate in a pop-up market and know that they have the tech that can handle this, make it easy, safe, fast and accurate for trading and capturing what they sell, when and to whom. And, to be able to top this from just about any device based the capital cost manageable, usually from within existing resources.

Retailer Roam is another part of the total Tower Systems POS software solution.


  1. We are locksmiths with a shop front & 3 on road vans.

    Need to move to a pos & barcode solution.
    We have Service M8 to manage jobs

  2. Hi Mick, thanks for contacting us. Our sales manager for QLD will contact you.

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