Tower Systems was the first POS software company to offer direct in integration between POS software and the Humm buy now pay later product.

Today, years on, many of the Tower POS software customers are Humm users, winning retail sales thanks to offering easy and safe access to an interest free finance model that customers love.

Accessible direct from within the POS software, Humm is another payment method accessible from the counter,. seamlessly, with few keystrokes, offering indie retailers easy payment surety that is better than LayBy can be. It is a terrific solution in this space, one small business retailers are enjoying and appreciating.

Tower Systems works with Humm to enhance  the solution and evolve wth marketplace needs.

Give your customers the power to pay later, interest free and watch your sales grow. Tower Systems and Humm have teamed up to provide a seamless, interest free payment solution for your customer, allowing your business to benefit from:

  1. Increased sales volume
  2. Increased average order values
  3. Increased customer repurchases
  4. Now, with a seamless integration with Tower Systems, you can accept Humm and Zip payments as soon as you are accredited. Simply enter your credentials.

Getting up and running with Humm is the easy.