Small business retailers can easily sell in bundles, kits and packs thanks to the smart tools in the Tower Systems POS software for specialty retailers.

A Bundle is where several items are packed together and prices together so that a customer purchases one item with all items in the bundle recorded as having been purchased together, with all inventory tracking undertaken and completed.

The Tower Systems POS software can manage the creation, selling and tracking of bundles and all items win a bundle. This is key to helping small business retailers compete.

A kit is a variation on a bundle for some specialty retailers.  In Fishing businesses, for example, a kit might include a rod, reel, hooks and 0ther components which can be sold separately or together, as a kit.

Being able to create, disassemble and sell kits is critical to many types of specialty retailers and having this facility in the Tower Systems small business POS software s a bonus.

A pack is another variation on this theme. Many types of retailers can buy from suppliers in a a pack and then break down the pack for single product sale in-store. They can also keep some of what they have purchased in pack form for sale as a pack. having the flexibility to handle these and related shop floor moves goes a small business retailer flexibility and terrific margin opportunity.

Handling packs, kits and bundles is another way the Tower Systems software is delivering to specialty retailers specialist tools through which their businesses can differentiate from big businesses as well as from online businesses. Specialty facilities make specialty retailers stand out and that is good for business.

Tower Systems works closely with specialty retailers and their suppliers to deliver valuable tools like supporting packs, bundles and kits using the Tower POS software.

The more small business retailers can do to differentiate their businesses, too stand apart from the crowd, the better. Tower Systems supports this goal and delivers tools n the software through which this can be achieved.

Just as our software helps small business retailers differentiate and benefit it helps us as a POS software company differentiate. For example, many POS software products do not handle kits, bundles and packs.