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Secret tools help small business retailers cut the cost of employee theft

The cost of employee theft in small business retail is considerable.  It is one of those costs to business that is not known until a business actually looks at the data. Most small business owners, however, do not look at the data until they are forced too. Often, by then, it is too late to recover all of what has been taken from the business.

Retailers can cut the cost of employee theft. Smart POS software makes this easier to achieve.

In the Tower Systems POS software there are secret tools that help small business retailers detect employee theft. detection is the first step to cutting the cost of theft. Knowledge is power as they say. The secret tools cannot be found by any9one unless they know the path and have access to the secret kay.l This information is only provided to business owners – if they want to know, if they want to cut the cost of employee theft.

Using POS software to cut the cost of employee theft in a retail business is, in our view, smart. It saves money, saves time and encourages the business onto a path of greater prosperity.

Tower Systems advises, encourages and guides small business retailers on cutting the cost of theft. We do this using the secret tools embedded deep within our software. We also doo it through our work with the police,  crown prosecutors, private investigators and other who9 are also working to help cut the cost of employee theft in retail businesses, especially in small business retail.

This is critical for businesses for too often we see them come to a realisation abut theft only after the money is long gone.

People can be clever and smart as to how they go abut stealing from a retail business. The secret tools in our POS software help  small business retailers to see the theft early in the cycle, before the damage is too great and in a way that enables the business owner to think about appropriate next steps to get the evidence necessary for police engagement. This is critical.

Small business retailers can cut the cost of employee theft. Tower Systems can help with this. We have people in our company skilled and experienced to help small business retailers achieve this.


POS software connected Shopify website development for small business retailers

Tower Systems partners with Shopify to offer POS software connected Shopify e-commerce sites that are finely tuned for the success of independent small business retailers.

All of our POS software connected Shopify sites are created at our head office in hawthorn Victoria, by skilled web developers who can get the most out of the POS software / Shopify integration. This is critical for a seamless commercially successful solution for indie small business retailers.

Tower Systems has a bling portfolio of PO software solutions integrated with Shopify, through which retailers are winning access to new shoppers.

We bring to our web development work years of expertise in retail management and POS software development and leverage with with our awesome web team to create beautiful and functional websites, to win business for local retailers.

We are grateful to have two software development teams in our business, one continually enhancing our awesome small business POS software and the other developing beautiful and valuable websites for small business retailers.

Our small business website development starts with a comprehensive consultation process, to ensure we understand all of the needs of a retail business and agree these with our customers. Too often with offshore web development this is not done and fixing a site from afar is problematic.

The Tower web team is also skilled at SEO and SEM services that help raise the website rankings in key search engines, ensuring the site is found ahead of others.

Best of all, Tower Systems provides professional advice and guidance to small business retailers keen to build their online presence. Our commitment is honest transparent advice on which any small business retailer can rely.

The Tower Systems web development team is Australian based, working out of the company’s head office in Hawthorn. This is important as many web development businesses are overseas. While you might have a locally based contact person development too often is done overseas, leading to challenges with delivery and usefulness.

Professional web development takes time. Time has a per hour cost. IT professionals are paid well. Going for the cheapest price for website development could mean that you have gone with a business that cuts corners or has most of the work done offshore.

Since your website is your business calling card to the world it is not something to cut corners with, it is not something to take offshore for a saving today. A good source of business for us is replacing offshore developed sites.


Xero connected POS software for small business retailers saves time, costs costs and helps businesses grow

The Xero connects POS software from Tower Systems is helloing indie and small business retailers ro run more efficient,  enjoyable and successful retail businesses.

Thanks to the seamless integration from the Tower Systems POS software with the Xero cloud based accounting solution, small business retailers have a solution through which they can expect to achieve reduced bookkeeping costs, lower accounting costs, easier access to business performance projections, reduced data entry errors and an overall better outlook for the retail business.

Having partnered with Xero for the POS software integration for years, Tower Systems delivers to small business retailers a proven and valuable solution through which retailers have access to their P&L and balance sheet from data sales, invoice and other data flow from the POS software.

This is smart for the business and financially positive from the outset thanks to the elimination of accounting costs.

Tower Systems is a partner of Xero, listed by the company on its website. We go further, though. We use Xero ourselves, for retail businesses we own and operate, walking daily in the shoes of our customers integration POS software with Xero and overseen by our own in house CPA. This is a unique position for a POS software company – being a retailer too and using our POS software and its Xero integration for valuable advantage.

Our Xero POS software integration is one of many approved integrations provided by the software to serve the needs of retailers. Other integrations include:

  1. Tyro broadband EFTPOS, which is fast, efficient and secure.
  2. Links to all major banks through PC-EFTPOS. This includes, NAB, ANZ and CBA.
  3. Magento e-commerce. Magento is an excellent platform for website sales for small to medium businesses.
  4. Shopify e-commerce. Shopify is an excellent entry-level solution for small to medium businesses.
  5. FlyBys in New Zealand.
  6. Transactor loyalty in New Zealand.
  7. Scale integration for selling by weight.
  8. Touch networks for vending event tickets, phone recharge, fishing licences and more.

These integrations, like the Xero POS software integration, deliver time saving, cost saving and other benefits to the small business retailers with whom we happily partner.

Our goal is to help small business retailers run more successful and enjoyable businesses.


Specialty POS software for firearms retailers and gun shops

Gun shops and firearms retailers have needs beyond traditional retailers, needs that are often not covered in off the shelf POS software. This is where the gun shop software from Tower Systems helps, we address needs unique to the channel including these important areas.

The specialty POS software from Tower Systems delivers access to an extraordinary range of benefits including…

  1. Sell accurately by weight or measure – by whole numbers or
  2. Leverage you. If your knowledge is a differentiator, offer it through structured opportunities in the software.
  3. Easier record keeping with serial number tracking of items sold.
  4. Ensure compliance with structured age checking.
  5. Easily handle special customer orders. Bring product in for a specific customer and have them notified automatically by email or text when the goods are in and ready.
  6. Business differentiating loyalty.  Stand out from the crowd. Have customers coming back to youfor this.
  7. Maximise the basket with easy to use one-time shopper loyalty tools.
  8. Trade and club pricing profiles. Set pricing rules based on customer type.
  9. Pre-orders – Easily pre-sell a delivery so that when the stock arrives you can manage distribution and billing efficiently.
  10. Differentiate with informative receipts. These can include product care, use and safety information based on what customers buy.
  11. Differentiate with bundles. Selling items bundled together makes price comparison hard.
  12. Track who sold what.
  13. Time saving invoicing and account management – manage accounts in a way tailored to your
  14. Market to customers based on past purchases.
  15. Save time by importing electronic invoices.
  16. Sell more with a direct connect to buy now pay later services.

The firearms business / gun shop POS software from Tower systems is deeply specialty in nature, for the specialty businesses in this unique and important retail channel.

In developing these and other facilities, Tower Systems has consulted with professional gun shop owners to ensure that our software is indeed a useful and appreciated solution.

For the best advice on choosing software for your gun shop, read How to choose the best gun show software.

With more gun shops added to our users community in the last few months, we are building better experience and expertise which we can use to help more businesses drive efficiency and business success.


Free POS software e-commerce workshops for small business retailers

How to find new customers by selling online direct from POS software for your specific type of business using Shopify and Magento.

Join us for a free workshop where we will explore Shopify and Magento direct connected POS software for specialty retailers: jewellers, garden centres, produce, toy, firearms, fishing, outdoors, newsagents, pet, gift, book, bike and adult. We will focus on new online insights for 2020 and beyond

  1. Hear from current case studies what other indie retailers are doing.
  2. Find out how to use online to drive in-store shopping.
  3. Learn how click and collect actually works.
  4. Find out about the different buy now pay later options for online sales.
  5. See how stock data including images flow easily from the POS to online.

This workshop will be live and interactive and about your type of business. It could save you thousands in web developer fees. This will not be a sales pitch.

We will cover hot topics including: SEO, shipping options, free shipping, the role of social in online sales, returns, bundles, branding and a plan b for your web strategy.

Click on your preferred city below to book. Each workshop (except for online) will be in an easy to get to capital city location.

  1. SydneySept. 30. 10am.
  2. AdelaideOctober 1. 10am.
  3. PerthOctober 2. 10:30am.
  4. HobartOctober 3. 11am.
  5. MelbourneOctober 4. 10am.
  6. AucklandOctober 7. 10am.
  7. BrisbaneOctober 8. 10am.
  8. CanberraOctober 9. 10am.
  9. OnlineOctober 10. 10am. AEST.
  10. OnlineOctober 10. 2pm. AEST.
  11. WellingtonOctober 14. 10am.
  12. ChristchurchOct. 15. 10am.

We are local. Tower Systems serves 3,500+ specialty businesses – with POS software and websites. We make what we sell. We use it ourselves too, in our own retail and online businesses. If you think we could help you, please call…

  1. VIC/SA/WA: Tim Batt 0401 833 917;
  2. QLD /NT: Justin Randall 0434 365 789;
  3. NSW/ACT/TAS: Nathan Morrison 0417 568 148

Our goal is to help you enjoy a more successful and valuable business.


How workshop management software helps jewellers manage workshop jobs

Jewellers offering workshop facilities often think of software for their business in the context of Point of Sale facilities, how the software can help the business at the front of the store. The Tower Systems jeweller software goes much further – for example, in to the repairs management / workshop management area.

Workshop management software is a specialty need, which is served by the Tower Systems software for jewellers. Using this software, jewellers can manage their workshops, repair jobs and customer contact – providing a more steamlined, efficient and valuable connection with repairs customers.

Good repairs management software helps with customer service, protecting the piece brought in for repair itself and with overall jeweller business management integration.

State of the art repairs facilities cut management time, reduce mistakes and make it easier to bill for each task in a repair job and thereby more completely cover the business costs with appropriate margin.

Here are some of the features that the Tower Systems jeweller management software provides to jewellers through its workshop management / repairs management tools:

  1. Manage customer contact by text or email.
  2. Scan receipts or job card to find a repair in the system. Alternatively, quickly find repairs based on customer details.
  3. Track repairs by customer.
  4. Support multiple repairs per customer at any time.
  5. Accommodate multiple repairers per job.
  6. Easily schedule in-house or outsource repairs.
  7. Store quotes for later reference when it converts to a job.
  8. Manage partial payments of an account.
  9. Track repairs by repairer.
  10. Track repairs by courier.
  11. Automate pricing for popular repair jobs.
  12. Allocate staff and repair instructions.
  13. Allocate existing stock used for a repair job.
  14. Print bar-coded job cards and receipts automatically.

We are grateful to the many specialty repairs services jewellers who have worked with us to craft and refine our repairs management software, to create for a better solution in our software for our jeweller POS software customers.

The sophistication now available in good repairs facilities plays out in other parts of the software. It’s like the NASA mission to the moon – there are many side benefits along the way for all.

Today’s full service retailer needs to manage every part of the business for efficiency, profit and repeat business. This is where repairs management software plays a vital part in the mission of the business.


POS software helps retailers sell in bundles, packs and kits

Small business retailers can easily sell in bundles, kits and packs thanks to the smart tools in the Tower Systems POS software for specialty retailers.

A Bundle is where several items are packed together and prices together so that a customer purchases one item with all items in the bundle recorded as having been purchased together, with all inventory tracking undertaken and completed.

The Tower Systems POS software can manage the creation, selling and tracking of bundles and all items win a bundle. This is key to helping small business retailers compete.

A kit is a variation on a bundle for some specialty retailers.  In Fishing businesses, for example, a kit might include a rod, reel, hooks and 0ther components which can be sold separately or together, as a kit.

Being able to create, disassemble and sell kits is critical to many types of specialty retailers and having this facility in the Tower Systems small business POS software s a bonus.

A pack is another variation on this theme. Many types of retailers can buy from suppliers in a a pack and then break down the pack for single product sale in-store. They can also keep some of what they have purchased in pack form for sale as a pack. having the flexibility to handle these and related shop floor moves goes a small business retailer flexibility and terrific margin opportunity.

Handling packs, kits and bundles is another way the Tower Systems software is delivering to specialty retailers specialist tools through which their businesses can differentiate from big businesses as well as from online businesses. Specialty facilities make specialty retailers stand out and that is good for business.

Tower Systems works closely with specialty retailers and their suppliers to deliver valuable tools like supporting packs, bundles and kits using the Tower POS software.

The more small business retailers can do to differentiate their businesses, too stand apart from the crowd, the better. Tower Systems supports this goal and delivers tools n the software through which this can be achieved.

Just as our software helps small business retailers differentiate and benefit it helps us as a POS software company differentiate. For example, many POS software products do not handle kits, bundles and packs.


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