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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Pet microchip tracking in pet shop software helps pet retailers better serve pet lovers


The Tower Systems Pet Shop Software helps pet retailers serve customers through recording pet microchip details. This is part of a list of pet shop specific facilities in the Tower Systems POS software for pet stores.

Local pet stores are unique loc al service businesses, with tough big business competitors and an ever-growing online challenge. Tower Systems helps local indie businesses confront the challenges.

The Tower Systems Pet Shop Software is locally designed, developed and supported specifically for pet products retailers. We only sell to independent local pet businesses. We believe in small business!

Our Pet Shop Software is loaded with facilities developed specifically for pet stores. These are facilities you will not see in regular, often cheaper, POS software. The facilities continue to evolve, too, based on suggestions from people like you.

The microchip tracking tools can track by pet by customer with customers being able to have as many pets recorded as they wish. This means the pet shop can become a data repository for pet owners, offering wonderful peace of mind.

The software can also track working dates and other dates important in the healthy life of a pet. Pet workers love this tracking and that their local pet shop can provide the service as part of a whole of pet life engagement by the business for its customers and the pets of its customers.

Tower Systems is proud to deliver these tools and more in its specialty POS software designed specifically for independent pet stores in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. This is what specialisation is all about – helping indie retailers to play to their strengths of local professional service and advice. Our software helps every day in the delivery of this.

Our awesome and regularly evolving Pet Shop Software also offers:

  1. Marketing based on pet birthdays and other anniversaries.
  2. Group discounts, where members of a local group loyal to you save money.
  3. Easy loading of electronic invoices from your suppliers.
  4. Linking to a website for online sales.
  5. Linking to Xero to cut bookkeeping and external accounting costs.
  6. Rewarding loyal shoppers with points and / or cash off their next purchase.

Tower Systems is proud to serve 3,500+ retailers nationally.

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