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About our POS software for local small business retailers

Xero connected POS software helps small business retailers save time

The direct link between the Tower Systems POS software and the Xero cloud based accounting software is a dream for retailers.

Two-way data flow between POS software and Xero offer retailers many benefits including:

  1. Time saved through data sharing.
  2. More accurate data since less keystrokes are used.
  3. More up to date accounting data.
  4. Easier and more beneficial audit tools thanks to touches data sharing.
  5. Better decision making thanks to more accurate and up to date data.
  6. Better financial planning … flows from better business data.
  7. Money saved on bookkeeping and accounting fees.

The POS software Xero link from Tower Systems is beneficial for retail businesses from day one. We know because we use it ourselves in Nour own shops that we run. We see the benefits. Our in-house CPA lauds the benefits from an account ting perspective.

Linking to Xero from the POS software sets the business up for tremendous savings and benefits that are especially appreciated in small business retail situations where capital and time are in high demand.

Tower Systems helps retailers  make the most of the Xero connected POS software. We deliver practice and useful support to help our customers appreciate what they can achieve through this mutual pairing. Our training team members are skilled as are our help desk team members, to make the most of the pairing, to bring practical benefits to our indie retailer community.

As a Xero partner, we are committed to this awesome small business accounting platform.

The most effective ways small business retailers can compete with big businesses and online is through efficient operation, accurate data and customer service touch-points that add appreciated value.

Tower Systems only sells its POS software to small business retailers.

We believe in small businesses, their importance to local communities and their broader economic value.

Through our software, our personal in-store training, 24/7 human and locally based help desk service, regional user meetings, weekly online workshops and other touch-points we help small business retailers beyond what is usual for POS software companies.

Our company motto is we’re here to help. We take this seriously. Everyday, out motto challenges us to help our customers in ways they do not expect, ways beyond the software itself.

Founded in 1981, Tower Systems has evolved as technology has evolved. The software we sell today is generations away from where we started. We are proud to have served some of our customers for decades.

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  1. We moved to Xero a couple of years ago and love it. The connection with your software is saving us $4,500 a year and we like that a lot.

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