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New POS software Q&A for small business retailers


We participated win another Q&A recently where we answered questions act our POS software and its service of the needs of small business retailers.

Here is part of the Q&A, taking you further into the solutions and service of Tower Systems through our POS software.

Do you have an online strategy for retailers in a group?

Yes. We can link stores together through one or more national websites to efficiently win business for local stores. Through this, we can provide stores with a dashboard to facilitate management of fulfilment. Alternatively, we can deliver local store websites for individual group members.

Does your software link direct to Shopify?

Yes. Plus, we link directly with Magento and WooCommerce (WordPress).

Do images flow automatically to a website connected to the business?


Does your software link direct to Xero?

Yes. We are a Xero partner.

Can we sell gift cards and can I scan them?

Yes and yes. This is easy, fast, safe and secure. Guided by CPA advice, our approach to gift cards is best practice.

Can I alter a LayBy?

Yes. This is easy. It is also safe with an audit trail maintained.

Can I discount sales?

Yes. You can discount the whole sale or individual items. You can set this to be automatic for customers too thanks to discount profiles.

Can I print my own price labels?

Yes. You can print a single label or a group, easily. Plus, you have control over the design of the label.

Can I bulk edit stock records?

Yes. Our Stock Manager gives you powerful yet safe stock record editing tools that can save you hours of time.

Can I change supplier when ordering product?

Yes. Alternatively, you can easily turn this feature off.

Can I sell by weight?


I have customers who want quotes, can the software do this?

Yes. And, you can convert a quote into a sale easily.

Do you come to my shop to train me?


After the system is installed can I get more training?

Yes, it’s free.

Can I add an item or items to an invoice once it is entered?

Yes. Plus, you can decide if you want this password protected.

Do you integrate with buy now pay later?

Yes. We integrate with Humm, Zip Pay and Zip Money. Watch this space for more news soon as this is a rapidly changing area.

Does your software help reduce customer theft?

Yes, we have structured tools that help you identify theft and this is the best starting point to acting to reduce theft.

Does your software help reduce employee theft?

Yes. We have hidden tracking tools that we share only with business owners. Plus, we have been used by police to help with investigations and crown prosecutors in trials.

Does your software help me compare supplier performance?


Can I sell fishing licences and other vouchers using the software?

Yes, for the states for which electronic licences are available through Touch Networks, a company with which we integrate.

Can I share local knowledge on receipts?

Yes. We think your local knowledge and connections are assets to be leveraged for the differentiation of your business.

Does your software offer loyalty tools?

Yes. We offer multiple approaches to loyalty, offering you flexibility. We back these with business training and expertise to help you maximise return.

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