The indie toy shop POS software from Tower Systems is rich in facilities and tools that help local indie toy retailers compete. From smart shop level engagement though to marketing to unexpected insights, this POS software is perfect for local toy shops. It is POS software build specifically for toy shops.

Specialisation is what sets you apart.  It is what sets us apart too.

From managing seasonal sales to respecting product care instructions to offering easy sell packs with multiple items, our specialty toy shop software can help you serve in valuable and appreciated ways.

We can help maximise sales with smart shopper engagement. This is where you easily leverage customer data to reach out with personal reminders, which can bring customers who shopped with you once back again and again.

Imagine easily reaching out to those who purchased Cards Against Humanity, Lego products, Harry Potter products, new Beanie Boos or Monopoly and inviting them to purchase a product extension?

Our front-end loyalty offer helps you leverage one-off and infrequent shoppers, to maximise their shopping visit. We have retailers reporting 10% and more revenue boosts from this loyalty tool big retailers cannot copy.

These are some examples of how Tower Systems leverages its toy shop specific software for you – with training and assistance specific to your type of business, to ensure that you maximise the benefits for your business.

Another way to use the software is with Humm, Zip Pay, Zip Money, buy now pay later services that settle immediately to you. These are integrated as a method of payment.

Our Toy Shop Software also offers:

  1. Catalogue management – making catalogue sales easy.
  2. Easy loading of electronic invoices from your suppliers.
  3. Linking to a website for online sales.
  4. Easily handling BOGO (buy 1 get 1 free) or other up-sell offers.
  5. Linking to Xero to cut bookkeeping and external accounting costs.
  6. Rewarding loyal shoppers with points, cash off next purchase or a mixture.
  7. Easy to use LayBy.

Here are four success stories…

Frank was thrilled the receipt for the birthday gift he bought his granddaughter had a link to advice that made him an expert when he gave her the gift. His granddaughter loved it. He is still smiling at being an expert.

Kath mentioned us on Facebook, saying she loves the care instructions we provide for the jigsaws she buys from us and the loyalty rewards we offer.

Working mum Clare appreciated ordering from our website and having the awesome and fun birthday gifts for her twins wrapped and ready for collection on her way home. She loved the surprise we included.

Mick loves each text message we send to say the next release of his collection is ready for pick-up. And, he loves the reward for being a collector.

Every day, local indie toy shops in Australia serve customers like Frank, Kath, Clare and Mick with personal local service. Specialist indie toy businesses need specialist software to serve these and other types of specialist needs.