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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Cloud based POS software for independent small business retailers


Tower Systems cloud based POS software offers independent small business retailers flexibility of use and access, it offers big business tools and opportunities in a package made for small business retailers.

Securely hosted in the cloud, automatically backed up and always up to date, the cloud POS software from Tower Systems is another way the company is helping small business retailers compete with big businesses, by offering an infrastructure solution that is current, best practice and capable.

With access available through a subscription service, the Tower Systems cloud POS software has a low start-up cost, which suits many indie retail business costs. The tech experts at Tower Systems shield retailers from back office work necessary. The company has a process for ensuring that settings are implemented to the needs unique to each small business retailer customer.

Cloud based POS software is one of a range of solutions offered by Tower Systems for the niche retail business marketplaces it service including retailers in: toy, gift, garden, produce, farm supply, pet, homewares, bike, newsagent and other specialty retail niches.

Developed using start of the art tools and hosted in a secure independent and safe data centre location with redundancy capacity, the cloud services from Tower Systems offer a competitive advantage to small business retailers who tap in to the service.

Tower does not itself host the clouds POS software service. Rather, the company partners with a specialty business in this area, a company that is expert at cloud services, a company offering 24/7 security and stability, factors that are critical to any retail business, especially those trading online as well as in-store.

Cloud based POS software is not for everyone. This is why Tower Systems also offers self-hosted solutions as well as desktop software where retailers have complete control over the location of data and software.

Small business retailers partnering with Tower Systems can choose the solution apocopate to their local business needs. This is key flexibility from Tower Systems. Our customers are in control, always. Plus, they can move from one platform – cloud or local – when they want, when it best serves their local business needs.

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