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Xero integration with Tower Systems POS software for small business retailers


Our POS software integrates with Xero cloud based accounting software.

Integrating seamlessly with Xero as we do provides our POS software customers with safe and easy access to a beautiful POS software and accounting solution for the whole of the retail business.

Thanks to the POS software Xero integration, small business retailers can:

  1. Save time. Data flow is seamless, safe, secure and fast. No more double or triple handing of invoice details.
  2. Cut mistakes. Every keystroke you eliminate in business is a possible data mistake eliminated. The Xero POS software integration cuts keystrokes.
  3. Make better business decisions. Accurate business data feeds better business decisions.
  4. Reduce accounting and bookkeeping costs. All the data entry work bookkeepers and accounting professionals do can be eliminated thanks to safe and fast data flow between the POS software and Xero.
  5. Drive business value. Data is revealing and this helps you extract more business value.
  6. Enjoy the business more. Data entry is a grind and it can lead to mistakes. Get rid of these challenges and yours enjoyment rises for sure.
  7. Immediate cashflow visibility. With no lag for data, you can see your position immediately.

Small business retailers have been using our Xero / POS software integration fort years. We have been using it ourselves in our own retail shops too – we love it and appreciate the benefits it delivers.

We help you map POS data to Xero, to provide data correctly to the needs of your accountant or bookkeeper.

Our POS software Xero experts can help0 you make the transition and establish a link that is right for your business, a link that serves not only you but those who serve you with accounting and business advice.

As a Xero development partner, Tower Systems is well resourced and skilled to help you get the most of the interface opportunity.

What is Transferred to Xero?

Sales. End of Shift based department-level sales are transferred to Xero via a sales invoice. Each department can be assigned its own Xero account.

Invoices. Invoices received into the Retailer POS software are transferred to Xero at department level. No individual stock items are transferred.

Write Offs & No Sales. These are transferred to individual expense accounts depending on the transaction reason chosen.

Cost Of Sales. An option on sales exporting is to export Cost of Sales. While not a full implementation of COGS it does transfer over the cost price of items sold each day to reduce the value of Stock On Hand in Xero.

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