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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Produce and farm supply business POS software helps support farmers and rural communities


In times of drought especially, local produce and farm supply businesses play a vital rollin community service, helping to keep farms viable and operating. They are cornerstones of local communities.

Here at Tower Systems we are grateful to be able to support local and independent produce and farm supply businesses. Through our software and through our support services.

Our produce and farm supply POS software, which is made locally, helps rural supply / farm supply / produce businesses with efficient service and support of local farms and community groups. Through purpose-built inventory management, efficient shipping, produce use notes and more, this software helps businesses serve local needs for local conditions.

The software helps you serve your local community.

The most recent update to this produce business POS software delivers produce business specific accounting solutions to serve the unique and demanding needs of these businesses to better and more accurately account for shipping and related business costs.

Embedded in the produce business POS software from Tower Systems are many benefits, including…

  1. Sell accurately by measure – by whole numbers orfractions.
  2. Sell by weight.
  3. Special orders. Bring product in for a specific customer and have them notified automatically by email or text when the goods are in and ready.
  4. Time saving invoicing and account management – manage accounts in a way tailored to yourbusiness. You can easily account for freight, produce picking slips, manage accounts, feed data to Xero and MYOB and do more.
  5. Be accurate with all-weather product labels.
  6. Business differentiating loyalty. Stand out from the crowd. Have customers coming back to youfor this.
  7. Trade pricing profiles. You can set pricing rules based on types of customers.
  8. Pre-orders – We make it easy for you to pre-sell a delivery so that when the stock arrives you can manage distribution and billing efficiently.
  9. Bagging up feed – Easily manage bagging up a bulk feed delivery into smaller, saleable lots, while keeping accurate stock on hand data.
  10. Making your own feed mix. We help you track managing bulk quantity ingredients and mixing these into saleable packs of your own brand of seed mix. What an awesome point of difference for your business!
  11. Differentiate with informative receipts. These can include care, use and safety information based on what customers buy.
  12. Differentiate with bundles. Selling items bundled together makes price comparison hard.
  13. Market to customers based on past purchases.
  14. Save time by importing electronic invoices.
  15. Sell more with a direct connect to buy now pay later services.

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