The gift shop POS software from Tower Systems is benefits rich helping indie gift shop owners run more successful retail businesses. It is made for this. Made in Australia. Made for local gift shops that serve local communities. Made to help these local small businesses connect with local shoppers for in-store and online sales.

The gift shop POS software from Tower Systems is already used by hundreds of gift retailers. here is what they tell us they love.

  • Easy selling. From the sales counter. From the shop floor. From local markets. From parties in homes. From online. This software helps you wherever you sell, whenever you sell. Flexibility is key here.
  • Easy payments. By integrating with EFTPOS as well as buy now pay later, shoppers have choice and this makes selling easy, accurate and fast. In retail, getting paid is critical. We make that easy for you.
  • Encouraging more purchases. This is what shopper loyalty is all about right?! … getting shoppers to buy more. The Tower gift shop POS software guides this through cool and unique loyalty tools that shoppers love. And, we have data to back this up, data that can guide deeper engagement by you to drive better results.
  • Guiding consistency. The more efficient a retail business the more profitable it is. Our purpose built gift shop POS software helps you run a for consistent business, even when you cannot be there yourself. Customers love consistency. Staff members, too, as it guides them in workflow.
  • Competing. We all hate big businesses right?! Well, most big businesses at least. Our gift shop POS software helps you compete by differentiating your business from the big businesses. We help you set yourself apart in clever and appreciated ways.
  • Being local. here it is. here is what matters most to indie local retail businesses. being local is challenging yet it is everything. For many of us who own local retailers, shops, being local really does matter. In our gift shop POS software you can pitch local in clever and consistent ways, differentiating ways.

Tower Systems offers awesome gift shop POS software made specifically for gift shops. We can help you run a more successful, valuable and enjoyable local gift shop. We can help you build a brighter future for your business and all who rely on it.