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Xero connected POS software helps small business retailers cut mistakes


Every keystroke in business is a possible mistake. Cutting keystrokes cuts mistakes. This is one reason our POS software integration with Xero is awesome for indie retailers. It cuts keystrokes, saving time and cutting mistakes.

Thanks to the POS software Xero link and thanks to the supplier connected EDI facilities in our POS software, retailers are able to arrive invoices and have these pass through to Xero without the need to key invoices into the POS software or into the accounting software.

Accuracy is everything is business. Tower Systems helps facilitate accuracy through supplier relationships as well as through the Xero link from within the POS software

The Xero integration designed by Tower Systems, working with the folks at Xero, makes it easy for small business retailers to cut accounting paperwork and thereby tap into time and money saving benefits.

We use our Xero integrated POS software ourselves. This enables us to provide practical advice on how to benefit the most from Xero and our POS software working together.

Our customers have access to our in-house accounting services, to provide a professional accounting perspective on the link and how to get the most from it.

Our POS software Xero link is well established and widely used. We are grateful to our retail business customers for their faith and support in using this link in their businesses daily.

Tower Systems is a unique POS software company. In addition to serving 3,500+ small business retailers, we own and operate several retail businesses as live test sites. Our in-house CPA manages the accounts for these retail businesses.

There are versions of the software serving the business specific needs of:

  • Bike shops.
  • Garden Centres.
  • Book shops.
  • Gift Shops.
  • Homewares Shops.
  • Produce businesses.
  • Fishing and Outdoors shops.
  • Toy Shops.
  • Confectionery Retail.
  • Stationery retail.
  • Pet Shops.
  • Pet Grooming.
  • Newsagencies.
  • Whole Foods Grocers.
  • Swimming Pool Supplies.
  • Firearms Retail.
  • Adult Shops.

Linking directly to Xero enhances the time-saving gained through the software as well as facilitating the accuracy of data managed by the software.

Our Xero link provides for a data feed of sales as well as purchases.

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