If you pitch shop local in your local high street retail business…

  1. Do you seek out locally made products?
  2. Do you remind shoppers on receipts about locally sourced items?
  3. Do you support local community groups?
  4. Do you use locally made POS software made for your type of business?

Tower Systems is locally owned and run POS software company. We make POS software for a range of niche and specific types of retail business.

Using our software is an investment in the Australian tech industry. Our employees work and live locally, often shopping locally. Money spent with us boosts the Australian economy.

Our POS software has tools that help you show off your local credentials. We can help you shine a light on locally sourced products and we can help you bring structure and customer engagement to your local community giving.

We are grateful to serve more than 3,000 locally owned retail businesses, garden centres, jewellers, bike shops, fishing shops, produce businesses, toy shops, firearms businesses, newsagencies and gift shops, in Australia with our POS software. We would be thrilled to see if we could serve your needs.

Shopping local starts with how you source what you sell.

Next, to relies on smart tools in the POS software that help you pitch your local credentials, tools through which to show shoppers that what you sell is local and thereby demonstrate the value of the shop local p[itch that you offer.

In a systematic and consistent way, thanks to unique tools in our POS software, we help small business retailers to pitch shop local every day to shoppers who are swayed by the local connections in these shops.

We take shopping locally seriously in our business and in retail businesses that we own. We are grateful to help our retail partners to make the same shop local connections, thanks to our POS software and the facilities it provides in this mission.

POS software made locally is best for local businesses as the people behind the software are more accessible and more able to serve local needs.

Tower Systems is your shop local POS software company.