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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

The online strategy for small business retailers from Tower Systems helps these businesses win online sales


Tower Systems has been leading retailers to online sales in small business retail channels for years. Many Australian retailers are making good money from online sales thanks to the work and advice from Tower Systems.

Thanks to the seamless connection between Shopify and Magento with then Tower Systems small business POS software, retailers are transacting online safely and efficiently.

Backed with expert advice on search engine optimisation and targeted keyword and other website design help, Tower Systems has helped many retailers play ahead of the curve of impact of social isolation.  We have retailers in many different retail channels running successful second businesses online, fulfilling out of their high street businesses efficiently, safely and for profit.

Jewellers, garden centres, newsagents, bike shops, pet storers, toy shops, produce businesses and fishing and outdoors businesses are some of the niche retail businesses using the smart Tower Systems POS software connected to Shopify for seamless online sales.

Our Shopify and Magento interfaces are direct, seamless – eliminating data double handling, eliminating the use of bespoke software. By following international standards we have helped retailers win terrific business.

While other local retailers are struggling to get online, Tower Systems is proud to have delivered online solutions for many and done so for a fixed cost at a level that is respectful for small business retailers with limited budgets. Leveraging the data managed by our POS software to help retailers sell online is a time and money saving move, one we have gladly helped many small business retailers make.

Through our POS software we make website data management easier, faster and safer.

Leading by example, we have been doing this ourselves for our own websites selling sought after products to Australians.

There are plenty more examples beyond these from our own shops and from the shops within our wonderful POS software user community. We are grateful to be helping many small business retailers get online and make money selling online – connecting with customers they would otherwise not get to see in their businesses.

Our smart POS software is calibrated for online sales thanks to years of back office work to deliver a platform made for this.

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