Here at Tower Systems we love Saturdays like everyone. We love our customers too. That is why today, like any Saturday, even in this COVID-19 impacted world, we are open for business, helping our customers with software support through our help desk.

This office based help desk support is better and more equipped than someone on the end of a mobile phone. Our Saturday Point of Sale software support service has access to the full suite of services our customers can tap into Monday through Friday.

We are grateful to our local help desk team members who enable us to provide these services of local POS software support to small business retailers.

Through POS software support we help our customers with queries, training, software updates, supplier stock files, connection to Xero, integration with Shopify and more, much more as small business retailers make the most of tech through the coronavirus as the recast their businesses.

Our POS software help desk services for small business retailers has expanded as the needs of retailers have expanded through the pandemic experience,. We are pleased to help and to especially help on a Saturday.

Saturday POS software support is a differentiator for us and we are pleased to be able to deliver for our small business customers, those using our POS software. Helping people today is especially good because the reaction is usually awesome, especially from new customers not used to being able to get support on a Saturday.

On Saturdays, our POS software support services are accessible through all of our contact points.

    • Help Desk Mon-Fri 7am – 6pm AEST and Sat. 7:30am to 3pm.
      • VIC (and national): 03 9524 8000. If other numbers are not working, call this one.
      • NSW: 02 8556 1600.
      • QLD: 07 3136 6888.
      • SA: 08 8121 3366.
      • NZ: 0800 444 367.
    • After hours support for system down calls
      • 0418 554 963
      • 0419 842 334
    • Email:
    • Website:

Retailers are thrilled to have access to us on a Saturday and we are grateful to be able to help them make the most of their POS software technology even on weekends and even in this messy world of COVID-19. Every call, every contact, is another good news opportunity, which we relish and appreciate.