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Help for small business retailers run this coronavirus impacted economy


Practical help for small business retailers impacted buy the coronavirus can be challenging to access. At the government level there are forms to complete, data to gather and waits to sit out which a request for help is assessed.

Here at our small business focussed Point of Sale software company, our assistance is easy to access for any small business retailer.

In a practical sense, here we announced to our customers back in early March:

  1. No support fee increase in 2020. We were planning to increase our software support frees having not increased them for 3 years. We decided a couple of months ago to forego the planned increase this year.
  2. Free Retailer Roam. We decided to provide free access for 3 months to ur Retailer Roam product – so you could more easily sell from anywhere and not just being the counter.
  3. Free home access. If you need help setting up access to a computer from home, we can assist for no cost.  Click here to access our advice on setting up another computer. For this you will need access to a current backup. For help on this, there is no cost for supported customers.
  4. One on one training. This continues for all supported customers. Free one-on-one training on any topic related to our POS software.

In addition to these financial benefits, we also increased our support capacity to serve support needs unique to the pandemic situation.

Plus, we commenced regular Zoom meetings open to all of our customers on many practical topics. We have been running usually 3 Zoom meetings every week for more than  two months now. They are proving to be a terrific  way for retailers to learn and engage. More important, though, is they give small business owners an opportunity to experience that they are not alone in going through what they are going through.

Here at Tower Systems we proudly only sell our software to small business retailers. It’s what we have done for 39 years. We are as energised for the opportunities today as we were back in 1981. We are grateful to our small business retailer community for their engagement with us through the pandemic and always as we walk together to serve our shared customers.

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