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Phone repair business POS software


We are grateful for the phone repair businesses that are using our POS software in their businesses.

Our low cost solution for tracking sales, customers, history and more is proving to be useful for these businesses in shopping malls and on the high street.

Phone repair businesses are finding our POS software ideal for maintaining accurate business records as well as for transacting across the counter efficiently and with surety. This is a POS software solution for phone repair businesses that is delivering good and useful outcomes.

Tracking time, inventory and other data points help the business owners to better manage for performance of phone repair businesses.

We kind of fell into serving phone repair businesses when we were approached by an owner. After talking with them we found that our software served their needs. We installed and found the fit to be good for them and good for us. We are grateful for this discovery and the business that has flowed to us from more phone repair businesses.

This is now a channel for us as we serve more phone repair businesses  with our Aussie developed and supported POS software. Each new customer helps us learn more about the business needs and this information feed into what we do and how we do it.

Being a software developer, we have control over what we sell. This works for us and our work with phone repair businesses as we are able to evolve the software along with the evolution of the businesses we serve.

With many phone repair businesses run under management, tight control over business data is important. This is where our Xero link is a help as is our Tyro interface that helps with safe, secure and fast EFTPOS processing. New can provide the business owner with tools and monitoring options that help them to see the business from afar and through this to more effectively manage the business for success.

Just as retail is evolving, so is our POS software company. We appreciate the opportunities to learn and grow, to attract new customers and through this to learn more about how we can better serve small business retail.

2020 is a fascinating and invigorating year in retail.

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