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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

POS software for lottery retailers


For many years Tower Systems has offered POS software to lottery retailers for the tracking of sales, managing customer payouts, understanding the sales performance of other product categories in the business and leveraging this and other data to achieve even better outcomes for the business.

Lottery retailers using our POS software can rely on our software to serve their needs, to deliver outcomes that are beneficial to lottery retailers.

Currently, Tower Systems serves around 1,500 independent lottery retailers with POS software for lottery retailers. The software we sell today is fresh with our R3 product being released a few weeks ago. This is a reimagining of POS software for lottery retailers, smart, fast, safe and keenly functional.

Our POS software for lottery retailers connects with Xero for seamless bookkeeping and accounting management. It also connects with Shopify for businesses that want to sell products online. Plus, there is a link to MYOB for that platform. For EFTPOS there are several connection opportunities for easy and contactless processing of credit cards and EFTPOS at the counter – to reduce mistakes, ensure fast operation and ensure clean management in the business.

Using our POS software for lottery retailers, the business owners and managers have access to terrific reporting tools, which can guide data based business decisions.

Available to rent for a few dollars a day, this Australian developed and supported POS software is purpose build and able to evolve with the business as its needs evolve. This flexibility is important as we see more and more lottery retailers expanding into new product areas including online and others. Our specialty retail software can help businesses serve in these new areas.

The rental option allows the retailers to cancel at any time, giving them control over the extent of their IT software spend.

Useable from the sales counter or the shop floor, this POS software serves retail businesses where they have customers, which is very important in today’s changing retail experience.

POS software for lottery retailers is a thing. It is purpose built to serve these retail businesses as so many have shown already. Tower Systems is grateful to the support and commitment from so many Aussie small b business retailers already to help serve this channel.

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