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Handling any holiday season is easy with good POS software


A holiday season can be a challenge in an indie retail business, a local small retail business for a holiday season presents management challenges, marketing challenges and positioning challenges.

How do you leverage the holiday season to achieve the best outcome for a business?

Today when we are writing here about holiday season we are referring to any season local to a business that can change traffic flow up or down and can result in a change, a spike, in what sells, how it sells and when it sells. It can also relate to difference shoppers, folks who are in town because of the holiday season.

Using our small business specialty retail POS software…

  • Retailers can average the holiday season opportunity. they can do this by tapping into data from previous similar seasons.
  • Retailers can also easily adjust loyalty settings, to make the most of the seasonal visitor opportunity.
  • Retailers can bundle items to be more relevant to the opportunity of the season.
  • Retailers can market to the seasonal opportunity based on past shopper engagement. This marketing can be started out of the POS, leveraging the curated POS data.
  • Retailers can share local knowledge and thereby better serve those not usually in down regularly.
  • Retailers can set pricing to serve the needs of a season. This can be date and time set for auto management.
  • Retailers can tag items so as to track the performance of seasonal items outside of usual reporting modes in the POS software.

These are just some of the ways our POS software helps small business local retailers to drive holiday season opportunities.

Small business retail management is all about leveraging opportunities and doing this in service of shoppers local and online. Knowing what, when and how to leverage is a function of POS software curated data. The Tower Systems POS software can help with this.

Serving small business retailers in seaside towns, tourist destinations, outback locations, small country towns and elsewhere, we have years of experience helping small business retailers to make the most of opportunities, like holiday opportunities.

Holiday seasons present wonderful and valuable opportunities to retailers. Our software helps retailers make the most of these opportunities.

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