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POS software update delivers more benefits to small business retailers


last week Tower Systems released another POS software update, providing access to enhanced facilities and other benefits for retailers who partner with is.

This update is part of our regular software enhancement program. This latest POS software update delivered almost 50 enhancements to our software, many of which were suggested by customers through our transparent Software Ideas process.

In the advice to our customers about the update, we listed the enhancements and provided further information.

The POS software update was commercially released following a comprehensive alpha and beta test release process, ensuring that what we delivered passed all necessary QA processes to provide our customers with a software update they will value and appreciate.

By providing our customers with the details of what is in the update, we provide them the opportunity to decide whether they want the update. We do not force POS software updates on our customers. Nor do we automatically install updates as we believe that our customers have the right to choose. They appreciate this, too.

Like each update to our POS software, our advice email has installation instructions as well as advice on how to contact us for help by phone, email, Facebook, chat and more. We make contact as easy as possible to help people be in contact with us.

2020 is proving to be a significant year for our Tower Systems POS software user community with major software enhancements and changes already delivered and more under development. This is serving our specialty retail channels els, helping retailers to work on their businesses to drive efficiency, profitability and enjoyment.

With small business retail playing an enhanced role in serving local communities we are proud to help these vital local businesses with better software, more finely tuned POS software that is even more reflective of the specific needs they tell us of.

Our customers have access to us to discuss change requests. There is no wall between us. From the development team to the support team to the leadership team, our customers have access to Tower Systems team members for discussion about software enhancements and usability as we know that this dialogue helps us make better software and that benefits our customers, and us.

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