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Why we recommend against having your retail business website developed offshore


Offshore web development is cheap, that is for sure.

Buyer beware, though. You get what you pay for in this world. That is especially true when it comes to website development.

Offshore website development is cheap because people are paid little. A web developer in some overseas countries get in a month what some web developers get in a day in Australia.

Money is not always the best guide as to who is best. No, there are other reasons to NOT have your retail; business website developed offshore.

  1. The understanding of local business is not as good.
  2. Terminology is different.
  3. Social mores are not the same.
  4. Support access is not in your time zone – if it is they are working overnight and may not be on their game.
  5. Access is not the same.
  6. Money sent offshore is not supporting the local community on which local retailers rely.
  7. Pursuing an offshore business in the event of a dispute is much harder.

If you want a website for your retail business, especially if you want your POS software connected to the website for your retail business, go local, go expert, go with the tech business that itself is supporting the local community in which you live and operate.

We are grateful for the business we have won replacing an offshore developed website with a website we have created ourselves. This is good business, which is helpful for local retailers.

While we understand the importance of offshore revenue for some countries, the revenue has to be for good products and services that are genuinely useful for businesses. This is problematic in the website space given that a website is a deep reflection of a local business and getting this, encoding this and reflecting this is a website is a challenge, something that is best done through local and genuine understanding of the business.

We develop websites for local retail businesses in Australia and New Zealand, websites that are usually connected to our POS software, websites that help local businesses serve local communities and folks further afield. Our portfolio is strong and growing. We are grateful for terrific support from local retailers.

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