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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

POS software alternative to PBSA POS software


Tower Systems is grateful to offer its POS software an an alternative to PBSA POS software.

Serving more than 3,000 small business retailers in a selection of niche retail channels, Tower Systems offers services and facilities compatible with what users of PBSA POS software are used to:

  • Sale integration for selling by weight.
  • Selling by fractions.
  • Selling by scanning and touchscreen buttons.
  • Woo Commerce integration.
  • Xero integration.
  • Tyro integration.

We are grateful to folks experiences in using PBSA POS software for their insights so that we can confirm coverage of these and other retail business management needs.

We have not used or see PBSA POS software ourselves and so cannot speak to its suitability. What we know is our own software and our support infrastructure through which we provide timely and friendly POS software support, training and update help.

PBSA POS software users looking for an alternative are welcome and, indeed, invited to consider the POS software from Tower Systems. We’d be happy to compare function for function, to see if our locally supported and made POS software is an alternative compared to the PBSA POS software.

From a support perspective, Tower Systems POS software users have access to:

  • Timely help desk support.
  • Unlimited free one on one training.
  • 600+ knowledge base articles – searchable documentation.
  • User training videos.
  • Business advice insights.
  • Theft check services.
  • Cloud based backup.
  • Cloud hosting for those keen for off site hosting.
  • Customer service escalation, to ensure that outside of the help desk an escalation point provides management access.

Tower Systems is focussed on customer service as we know that this matters to local retailers. Our processes are comprehensive and our contact points are accessible. Our motto is we’re here to help and we try and deliver this through every interaction.

Our customers play an important role in the evolution of our POS software. We offer a transparent process through which they can suggest POS software enhancements. These are considered by other customers and voted on. The majority of each POS software update developed and released by us is from these customer suggestions.

If you are a PBSA POS software user and are considering an alternative, we would welcome an opportunity to speak with you, to understand your needs and to see if Tower Systems can serve you.

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