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Helping small business retailers deal with the challenge of employee theft


Employee theft can be a challenge to deal with for business owners, work colleagues and those who have perpetrated the theft.

Key to successful resolution is evidence. This is where our POS software plays a vital role. Using our POS software we are able to, often, provide the necessary evidence of an employee theft situation.

Thanks to secret tools and secret and secure data, we can provide evidence police and prosecutors trust to prove a theft situation. This data can be key to understanding what has happened, when and thew quantum.

This is the beginning, the truth, the evidence of em ploy theft. So, this is where we start, with the data, uncovering evidence and then offering this evidence to the business owner for engagement.

By providing small business retailers with these tools, we are giving them at their fingertips tools vital to cutting the cost of employee theft in a retail business. Using our POS software, a retailer can cut the cost of employee theft.

Let’s be clear though: not all employees steal, not even half, not even a quarter. However, you needs tools for tracking data and engagement with the software to reveal behavioural patterns that can indicate theft. This is key to early detection.

We train retailers using our POS software on how to do this, how to leverage the data and information collected and curated by our software to understand if there has been behaviour that could indicate employee theft.

From working with police and prosecutors to working with individual employers, our work on the issue of employee theft is comprehensive and consistent for many years. We have worked in a preventative way as well as after the event, gathering evidence. Our work is in service of our customers, retail business owners.

Using our POS software and following our advice, we think small business retailers can reduce the opportunity for employee theft and thereby cut the cost of employee theft on their businesses. Our engagement with retailers on this is as and when they want, in as much or as little detail as they want. Since we own and run retail businesses, we also share operational suggestions with those interested.

Reducing employee theft can have a significant bottom line benefit in any retail business.

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