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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

POS software for booksellers integrated with PacStream


The Tower Systems POS software integrates with PacStream, the respected and widely used book retailer / book supplier EDI platform. Using PacStream, book retailers are able to manage inventory more efficiently and accurately than manual processes.

As an early integration with pac stream, Tower Systems through its POS software has been in active service of book retailers for many years.

The PacStream platform is robust and commercially beneficial to retailers. Indeed, PacStream access is critical for book retailers.

By maintaining a PacStream integration with its Australian developed and supported POS software, Tower Systems remains focussed on serving the needs of bookshops and other retailers of books who can benefit from what PacStream offers.

Using the Tower Systems software retailers are able to link electronically with multiple suppliers, ensuring reduced errors when it comes to data management and ensuring time saved by eliminating manual processes that often harm retail businesses when doing things by hand.

The Tower Systems approach to EDI is to follow the standards, to rely on the specialty expertise of others in the field, leaders like PacStream and to work with their needs, making the retailer / supplier connection stable and useful in service of efficient relationships.

Tower Systems already serves book retailers in several different situations and with more retailers evolving into the box space, the PacStream relationship is interesting and of value.

Nationally, Tower Systems serves in excess of 3,000 small business retailers, specialty retailers, independent retailers. We are a proud local POS software company serving local retail businesses.

Our POS software continues to evolve, serving the evolving needs of retail businesses. This is proving to be especially relevant in 2020 as retail is changing rapidly thanks to corona. The flexibility build into our software, to facilitate businesses that choose to pivot, is key to their flexibility in serving changing local needs.

Being locally made puts us closer to our customers, which matters as local businesses themselves are closer to their customers.

Selling in-store and online is easy with our POS software thanks to our integrations, which also include integrations with Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce for selling online through a seamless POS software / web store connection that also includes easy flow of images, inventory details and stock on hand data.

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