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Tower Systems helps small business retailers who are working from home


We are grateful to be able to continue to help small business retailers who are working from home or who have some of their team working from home.

Due to compromised health situations, local movement restrictions and other factors, there are still many people working from home.

The help we are providing in these circumstances varies from free, no cost, access to additional software licences, easy access to an awesome cloud based data insights platform from us as well as access to our Retailer RoamTM sell from anywhere POS software solution.

Add to these tangible software benefits our on-going unlimited training offer, we are helping small business retailers where they are, helping them to run successful businesses without having to leave their businesses. We are thankful to our own team members for the work they do every day to hell our customers in these ways, to run their businesses remotely, thereby minimising the impact of Covid on their businesses.

Helping small business retailers work from home also includes helping them to sell online. We are doing this through a beautiful and seamless link to Shopify and the creation of beautiful Shopify sites on a fixed price basis. Our POS software connected Shopify solutions have seen small business retailers connect with more shoppers from outside their usual catchment area. It is a thrill to see.

Other help we are providing small business retailers who work from home is easy access to our local help desk resources. This is through our expanded help desk team – we have added two more people to this team, two new hires in the last 2 months. We are grateful to be in a position to need to too this – thanks to terrific growth in our customer base.

We think the work from home situation is here for the long term. Our support for it is long term. We arenhelp to help small business retailers to work from home, and their team members.

Our small business POS software is flexible in this regard, helpful to these businesses with people working from home.

2020 has been a wonderful year of learning for us, delivering wonderful insights and providing excellent opportunities. Working from home is one of them. We appreciate being able to help.

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