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Covid impact: Australians embrace shop local, shop the high street is a pivot to back to basics retail


Since March this year we have seen Australians embrace local high street retailers in greater numbers than for many years.

They have turned from shopping malls to the more easily accessed and the more open and safe high street retail situations.

They have spent up with local businesses as an act of genuine support for small businesses.

How do we know this? In our work with 3,500+ small business retailers across a range of specialty retail channels we are fortunate to see sales data and to talk with many retailers daily. Sales are terrific in many retail channels.

We are told the growth is primarily due to shoppers referencing the high street over the mall situation and making an active choice to support local retailers. Indeed, plenty of shoppers speak to these preferences in-store.

While, for sure, retail since March 2020 has been challenging, small business retailers who have leant-in to opportunities have benefited with sales growth, improved shopper efficiency and greater repeat businesses. Businesses that have enhanced their positioning with a POS software connected Shopify site have done better.

This is great news. It is a thrill to see local Aussie small businesses doing well.

From what we hear, shoppers love easy access to high street retail, a safe shopping experience, curbside pickup, local delivery and delivery for those further away. Add these to the other local retail business benefits such as product knowledge, local knowledge, local community support and you can see why Aussies love local small businesses and why they support them in a year like 2020.

In real terms, based on real data, we see revenue growth in a time when so many say there is none. We have seen this growth in many businesses. While in some cases growth has come from new product categories for businesses, the reality is that good growth is coming from traditional product categories. This, to us, demonstrates growth in support for local high street businesses.

The types of businesses we are talking abut here include garden centres, produce businesses, pet shops, newsagents, gift shops and organic grocer businesses. So many are doing well. So many are making an awesome contribution to the economy.

Australians are embracing local high street retail businesses, small businesses, family run businesses. This is a joy to see and a thrill to be part of.

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