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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Australian made and supported POS software for baby shops


Tower Systems is grateful that more baby shops are choosing its POS software. This Aussie made and supported POS software is proving to be ideal for help baby shop owners and managers run their businesses.

The baby shop POS software has what people running these businesses are looking for.

Here is a video we shot a few days ago in which we look at this POS software for baby shops and consider it along with the Shopify website connection for easily selling baby clothes and gifts online. Take a look at the software and hear us talk about how our POS software for baby shops can serve this specialty retail need.

As the video demonstrates, our POS software is flexible and capable. Thanks to advice from retailers, we know it works as POS software for baby shops. Also, it continues to evolve with many enhancement suggestions coming from customers sharing their experiences and helping us see new opportunities for the use of the software.

Given the journey young parents embark on, it is the tracking and follow-up opportunities served by the software that can help a retail business leverage the value of a longer term relationship with their shoppers.

In offering our POS software for baby shops, we are helping to bring commercial focus and certainty to these locally owned and run retail businesses. Our goal is to help them be more successful and competitive, especially against big businesses and offshore businesses selling into our local communities.

The more we in small business can work together to deliver better outcomes for local small retail businesses the better for the community and all who rely on our businesses. There is no doubt that local retail businesses are able to deliver a more useful and nuanced local product and service experience through which they can differentiate and grow. This is where we can help local baby shops using our POS software.

Our POS software for baby shops is capable and suitable, able to help these specialty retail businesses to serve well, professionally and thoroughly. This is what specialty POS software looks like.

Tower Systems serves more than 3,500 small business retail shops around Australia and New Zealand. We only serve independent small businesses. This keeps us focussed in service of local small business retail.

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