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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Charity shop software / community group shop software


Tower Systems is grateful to serve many charity shops and community group run shops with POS software that helps them manage inventory, customers and other aspects of the businesses.

Community enterprises are a vital part of local communities. While they are charity businesses, they are enterprises and need enterprise software. Tower Systems leverages the facilities of its small business focussed POS software to serve the needs of charity shops and community group run retail businesses.

Through our POS software we can help community group run shops to:

  1. Track inventory.
  2. Easily sell.
  3. Manage product returns.
  4. Track sales by fractions.
  5. Handle GST reporting.
  6. Support flexible discount options covering a range of situations.
  7. Support charity fund raising.
  8. Track performance in non-standard ways that may suit specific needs locally.

Community group run shops and charity shops need POS software partners that connect with their mission, that serve the local community focus of what they do. Tower Systems works in this space, serving plenty of these groups in a range of ways through the software, through training and beyond. We will help in any way we can, as much as we can.

We have a track record of work with community run shops, church run shops as well as other social enterprises that operate in retail. This work is part of the broader focus on Tower Systems and our work serving the needs of local communities.

Our POS software has been developed for a select range of niche retail channel businesses. We have found that it also serves the needs of plenty of charity shops, community enterprise shops and church related shops. Indeed, it was operators of those businesses that made the discovers, for which we are grateful.

As an Australian POS software company with years and years of serving local business needs, we are well established to help businesses and, through them, the communities they serve.

Our POS software is not ideal for all social enterprise run retail businesses. It’;s important those in control of such businesses know exactly what they want and that they thoroughly review what our off the shelf software does, to see if it is a good fit for their needs.

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