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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

POS software for key cutting businesses in Australia and New Zealand


Our POS software is used in many unique retail and service business situations. We are grateful to discover its value as software for key cutting businesses.

We discovered this when a key cutting business looking for software discovered us by searching online. They looked at our POS software, tested it and installed it in their business. Their experience became our experience. We have learnt through them. And, now, we appreciate more key cutting businesses using our POS software.

It turns our that in our POS software that make it good POS software for key cutting businesses. From tracking customer orders, to handling special orders, to managing jobs, to inventory control to offering an online sales integration through Shopify and more, our software works for key cutting businesses.

Here’s a video we shot last week where we touch on some of the facilities in our key cutting software that serve these businesses well.

We especially like the integration of shopper engaging request details on a copy of the receipt, to bring structure to that request and thereby provide a job card for what is essential a simple and rapid-fulfil service.

By being able to track the mix of products and services sold and to report on this based on time, day, occasion and more, the key cutting business can adjust business settings to maximise the opportunity. This software offers terrific reporting to enable this.

Being a personal service, key cutting businesses benefit from sound business process structures. Our software can help encourage this, especially in small businesses where labour costs can be high. We can help a business manage this to be more beneficial for the business.

Our POS software for key cutting businesses will continue to evolve as we add more of these businesses to our customer community. With each new customer we learn more. We are grateful for this.

This year alone, in 2021, we have released five software updates. Each has enhancements suggested by our customers. They are inspiring as to the changing needs of retail.

Tower Systems is an Australian POS software company serving 3,500+ small business retailers across several specialty retail channels in Australia and New Zealand.  We only serve small businesses as their needs are specialty and we are a specialty POS software company.

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