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New $185.00 a month Bike shop software helps local bike shops compete


The new Bike shop POS software from Tower Systems is proving to be a hit among bike retailers.

“We launched new bike shop software in March this year,” commented Mark Fletcher, Managing Director of Tower Systems. “It delivered a fresh look and feel, a new database engine, new functions and more connections for things like selling online”.

“Since March, we have delivered two more updates thanks to advice from bike shop owners and staff on how we can help them in a rapidly changing marketplace and economy.”

This bike shop software has been built in Australia to serve Aussie bike shop retail, workshop and business management needs. It also helps bike shops leverage club and community group relationships.

In the workshop, this software tracks all parts and labour used in a service or repair job, without needing external software to get the job done.

Serial number tracking tools in the software let bike shops accurately track items with serial numbers. This also helps with insurance and warranty work.

The electronic supplier integration tools make loading electronic invoices and stock files from suppliers easy.

The customer relationship tools help bike shops understand and leverage the lifetime value of customers, a value metric that is quite different to any other retail channel.

Embedded in this bike shop software are facilities through which bike shops can leverage their intellectual property for competitive advantage and tools for serving and leveraging cycling club members.

“We are a proud Australian software company serving local Australian retailers and grateful for Australian retailers buying local and supporting local tech jobs,” commented Gavin Williams, Tower Systems Chief Operating Officer.

The Tower Systems Bike shop software costs $185.00 a month, for access on as many computers as a business runs in a location. The $185.00 capped pricing approach makes accessing the software cost effective for bike retailers.

There is no credit check and no long-term contract to sign.

Already in use in 350+ bike shops in Australia and New Zealand, the latest update is set to expand this.

Using this software, bike shop staff can also manage online sales, colour / size / style, insurance claims, warranty tracking, marketing, linking to Xero, links to suppliers and selling online and through Bike Exchange.

This software also offers and genuinely different loyalty tools that are tuned to the needs of bike shops and shopper engagement patterns in bike shops.

Bike retailers can share knowledge through the software, too, better connecting their business with local riders, demonstrating the value of shopping local.

Linked to Shopify and Magento, selling online is easy, too.

This software costs $185.00 for each 30 days, which includes software, help desk support and access to updates.

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If you have not seen the Tower Systems bike shop software this year, you need to see it to know what it can do.

Organise a safe online personal demonstration for your business. Please call 1300 662 957 or email

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