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EFTPOS and POS software solution for firearms dealers in Australia


Tower Systems is proud to offer an approvedĀ EFTPOS and POS software solution for firearms dealers in Australia. This is a solution that meets the regulatory requirements of governments as well as of those handling EFTPOS and other financial transactions.

Being an Australian software company, we have been able to work with regulators to understand their requirements. Embedded in our firearms POS software are tools for appropriate record keeping.

Working with EFTPOS providers, we have been able to ensure that our firearms business software serves the needs of the EFTPOS businesses, enabling the processing of various types of card transactions for approved and accepted products and services.

Providing firearms retailers with certainty is important to us. We have taken the time to understand the regulations and requirements of suppliers and service providers. This enables its to provide a safe and sure firearms POS software and integrated EFTPOS solution. This is a Tower Systems advantage for firearms dealers.

We have seen situations recently where an offshore company had denied access to a firearms dealer, withholding customer payments because of an apparent overnight and offshore business decision, severely impacting the operations of a reputable local Australian firearms dealer. This is another example of why shopping local matters.

Firearms dealers looking for firearms software that is integrated with EFTPOS service providers and that helps them meet their regulatory obligations is here from Tower Systems. We are grateful to be able to serve and help the local family run businesses.

Tower Systems serves many firearms dealers with software for retail, inventory management, special orders, serial number tracking, customer record keeping and business data security to enable accurate and safe business reporting.

While we have decades of experience, our software is not that old as we replace it to keep it technically, visually and operationally current.

As recently as a few days ago we met with one of our integrated EFTPOS solutions partners to ensure that firearms businesses were accepted by them and that our POS software integrated EFTPOS solution helped firearms retailers. The confirmation has given confidence to firearms dealers, that there is an EFTPOS solution on which they can rely. Tower Systems is proud to being this to them, to serve their business needs in this way.

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