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Training for retailers buying a business with the Tower Systems POS software already installed


People buying a retail business have plenty to learn. Often, those sewing the retail business are not as thorough in their training as they could be. to help address this we offer personal training for those boys ng a business in which our POS software is situated.

We have packaged together two full days of new owner training. This is personal, one-on-one, training, tailored to the needs of that business, using the data from the business, ensuing that the training is relevant and appropriate.

This personal new owner training ensures that the new business owner knows the POS software and how it can be used to drive the business.

When we sell our POS software to a new business we always provide at least 2 days personal training. It makes sense that someone buying a business in which our POS software is already in use taps into at least 2 days of training. That is what this unique package of training  for new business owners is about.

This training is for new business owners. It reflects that our software is already installed and in use in the business … this makes the training different to what we would do for a fresh installation.

Through the training, we help new business owners develop their own business management processes relating to the POS software. We also can audit the prior use of the software and the data managed by the software, to help the new business owner make data-based decisions. We can also review the business practices of team members, to ensure they are focussed on proper use of the software.

This new owner training from Tower Systems is offered at a considerable discount for new business owners – to make it price appealing and thereby encourage them to make a decision that is good for business.

While new owners can learn the software through our knowledge base articles, our help desk services are priced on the basis that those using our software have been trained.

We know for sure that people who are trained love our software more.

We encourage all new business owners to undertake the new owner training package we offer. They will benefit and their business will benefit.

To find out the current cost of our discounted new owner training, please check out online shop.

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