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Boxed Christmas cards support local Aussie charities thanks to our POS software connected Shopify website


We created a website for selling boxed Christmas cards for one of the local suburban shops we run here in Victoria.

This Shopify website is connected to our own Tower Systems POS software. At the boxed Christmas cards website we sell charity Christmas cards that are designed and 100% made here in Australia.

What a wonderful buy Australian made and shop local story.

We are grateful for our Australian card company suppliers who have made this a reality, offering Australian designed and made boxed Christmas cards for shipping anywhere.

Supporting charities like Beyond Blue, the Starlight Foundation and the Peter Mac Cancer Centre, our boxed Christmas cards do more than send love and warm thoughts this Christmas season, they do good in the community, supporting these vital charities.

Charity Christmas cards are important to Australians not only for the money they raise but the charity stories they support as the details of the charity being supported by a card are included on the back of the card – as a badge of respect and honour, something that makes the card giver and receiver proud and happy.

Boxed Christmas cards are wonderful for offices, schools and community groups. They provide beautiful cards that people are proud to give and happy to receive.

Our online boxed Christmas cards store that is offering Australian designed and Australian made charity Christmas cards is doing good work supporting Aussie shoppers looking to spread Christmas greetings this year.

This is a good story for Tower Systems as we are working here as the POS software company, the Shopify website developer and the local small business retailer serving not only our local community in suburban Melbourne but the Australia wide community through a thriving online store.

We are grateful to the many shoppers who already have purchased boxed Christmas cards from us, supporting our charity Christmas card offer, bring light and love to their family and friends while sharing wonderful messages of the good work done by the supported charities.

Christmas 2020 will be very different to Christmases past. It will babe unique, it’s own thing. Our online boxed Christmas card shop is one way we are helping people to express themselves this Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our work in bringing Aussie designed and made boxed Christmas cards to so many already this year. We are sincerely grateful.

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