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Xero connected POS software helps small business retailers save time and cut mistakes


The Tower Systems POS software integrated with Xero is a solid and beneficial solution for small business retailers. And a tech partner of Xero, Tower Systems has delivered a best practice Xero POS software solution, offering seamless, safe and accurate data flow between the two tech platforms, for the time and data accuracy benefit of small business retailers.

Our Xero POS software solution is well proven in many different retail situations. Best of all, we use it ourselves, in our own retail businesses. This first-hand experience helps us help our customers not only with awesome software but with operational advice on how the get the most out of the opportunity.

Using our Xero POS software integrated solution, retailers are able to connect Xero and the Tower POS software for easy data flow of sales,  product invoices, credits and more, eliminating the need for data entry, saving time and curing expensive data errors. These benefits are real, they are loved by small business retailers.

While we offer connectivity to MYOB and some Quicken related accounting software versions, Xero is the standard we see used in more small business retail situations. Our Xero POS software link has already been taken up by many to streamline business operations, reduce accounting and bookkeeping costs and provide more accurate and timely business performance data through the beautiful Xero accounting reporting.

On our POS software help desk we have folks skilled to offer guidance on using our direct Xero integration, to safely and securely connect our POS software to Xero, to open that data flow. We provide the software, training its use and helpful advice on making it work for you. We do this in plain English terms – i.e. not tech jargon.

The Xero integration designed by Tower Systems, working with the folks at Xero, makes it easy for small business retailers to cut accounting paperwork and thereby tap into time and money saving benefits.

We use our Xero integrated POS software ourselves, in our own shops. This enables us to provide practical advice on how to benefit the most from Xero and our POS software working together.

We are grateful to help small business retailers to reduce business accounting overheads and to reduce data errors through the POS Software Xero link we offer here at Tower Systems.

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