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Sell by fractions using our POS software and keep accurate stock on hand data


The Tower Systems POS software allows the sale of products by fractions. This is important in retail businesses that see by weight or some other form of measure.

Selling by fractions works for jewellers, garden centres, sewing businesses, haberdashery businesses, produce businesses, farm supply businesses, bait and tackle businesses and repairs businesses.

We have offered scale integrated POS software for many years, just as we have facilitated the sale of items by fractions for many years. These are key benefits of our POS software.

Not many POS software programs let you sell 1.25 of something or .75 of something. They usually want to deal only in whole numbers. Selling by fractions is important to many retailers. We are proud and grateful to offer this point of difference.

It may seem simple, selling a fractional amount of a product. That not all POS software programs can handle this speaks to a technical complexity. We saw this many years ago and addressed it and have maintained support for it for many years.

Being specialty like this, delivering access to specialty software that serves the needs of specialty retailers os something we do here at Tower Systems. We take serving the needs of specialty retailers seriously and are grateful to our customers fore encouraging us, guiding us, helping us to achieve and maintain this for them.

Selling by fractions in retail matters where businesses sell by measure – weight or length. The ability of our POS software to sell by fractions means accurate pricing, accurate stock on hand data and more for the business. It supports their position as specialty retailers, offering personal service.

If you sell by fractions in your retail business, ensure that any POS software you are considering can handle this and deliver for your business. You do not want to discover that POS software you have chosen cannot do this once it it is installed.

POS software that supports selling by fractions is specialty in nature. That’s us, that’s Tower Systems – specialty POS software for selected specialty retail channels. ┬áIf you sell products by weight or measure in your business, by fractions, you can be confident that we can serve your needs. It’s another specialty facility in our POS software that serves your needs.

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