The Tower Systems POS software provide serial number tracking facilities in the POS software.

Retailers using our POS software can track each serial number sold. They can do this from the moment the item arrives in the shop fro the supplier, or, they can track the serial number the moment that item with a serial number is sold.

Serial number tracking is a core and differentiating part of our specialty retail POS software.

Tracking serial numbers matters to jewellers, bike shops, equipment retailers, firearms dealers and more. That it is included in our POS software as a standard feature ensures that retailers who rely on serial number tracking tools are able to deliver a customer experience that matches the specialist nature of their business.

Having developed the comprehensive social number tracking tools in the POS software years ago, the development team at Tower Systems has continue to enhance the facilities, ensuring that our serial number tracking solution keeps up with marketplace expectations, ensuring that our retailers themselves are keeping up with supplier and customer expectations.

Serial numbers take inventory tracking to a new level. The facility also offers a better solution for insurance details, government regulatory requirements and other record keeping requirements that differentiate a specialty retail business from an everyday business.

It is the flexibility in our approach to serial number tracking in the POS software that matters, too, as this allows businesses options for the point at which they track serial numbers. This can vary based on current business processes.

Not all POS software packages offer serial number tracking. If serial number tracking is a requirement for your retail business, ensure that software you consider handles it. Better still, have it demonstrate to you – see it for yourself so that you are satisfied the approach in the software will suit your business needs.

Serial number in our POS software is another differentiator for Tower Systems. We are grateful to our customers who have helped us deliver this, who have guided and encourage us, for it is their front line retail experience that matters when it comes to delivering on specialty retailer needs in our POS software.

Tower Systems makes POS software for specialty retail. We serve more than 3,500 small business retailers.