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A note on POS software comparison websites


More and more websites are offering POS software comparisons. Some claim that they have done the work for you and found the best POS software out there for you.

But what are these POS software comparison websites and how far do they go in making the comparisons they claim?

Like many other product comparison websites, POS software comparison websites often offer comparisons of products that pay to be listed. Yes, it is a commercial relationship funded by the POS software companies. They pay for each lead they are given.

This commercial approach means that if you go onto a POS software comparison website you may not see all POS software solutions that meet your needs. They often limit the number of products they will ‘compare’. This makes it look like they have done research.

Too often, the POS software comparison websites will not look at all software products in a marketplace. rather, they approach it as a purely commercial relationship, booking places from businesses that are prepared to pay the fee per lead provided. This feels like their main criteria.

Looking at some POS software comparison websites we would say they are not comparison websites at all. rather, they are another form of targeted marketing designed to harvest leads, often soft leads.

If you are looking for POS software fort your specialty retail business, do your own research. Do a Google search, ignore all the ads, look at the natural results and make your own shortlist and research them based on your needs.

Yes, this is hard work, time consuming. Only you know what you need and want. Only you can choose what is the right POS software for your retail business. Cutting corners and relying on someone else, like a POS software comparison website, to do the work for you could result in the wrong choice or at the very least a choice from only a small pool of contenders.

Nothing beats you doing your own research, taking your time, being sure that each software product is thoroughly investigated and you making the POS software selection based on your real business needs, on the points of value you seek for your retail business.

You can still find a good solution through a POS software comparison website. However, to consider all options, do the work yourself and make the choice based on your work rather than rely on someone who may have not done any comparison work at all. Your business deserves the best POS software you can find.

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