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Tower Systems offers POS software alternative to MYOB Retail Manager


A few days ago some of us got together to talk about our alternative to MYOB Retail Manager POS software.

We have been told that Retail Manager by MYOB is approaching end of life – that is, no future development enhancement is planned by MYOB for the Retail Manager planned. If this is the case, the Tower POS software solution is an alternative that we would submit for consideration in any of the specialty retail channels in which we are well established.

Having already welcomed many former MYOB Retail Manager POS software users to our Tower Systems POS software user community, we know that for retailers in our specialty retail channels we offer a good solution, a viable alternative.

With more retailers looking for that MYOB retail Manager alternative, we wanted to have a 2021 discussion abut what we offer and explore what’s different about our Tower Systems approach.

See for yourself:

In converting a retail business from MYOB Retail Manager to the Tower Systems POS software, the company follows a structured process for data conversion, system setup, user training and on-going personal customer support. Tower Systems does this work itself, using its own people. It does not rely on external contractors or third-party businesses. This matters as it shows Tower Systems accepts responsibility for customer achievement and satisfaction. While we appreciate tech experts out in the field, we think using our own people maintains a closer customer relationship.

As a specialty POS software company, our software is fine-tuned to the needs of a range of niche retail channel businesses. This is where we break free from the MYOB Retail Manager experience, where we demonstrate the vertical nature of our software.

From pre sales enquiry to software to training to support, the Tower Systems approach is personal. You know each person you speak with, that they understand retail, our software and the needs of retailers in our small business retail community.

We are grateful to have people of skill, passion and compassion in our business, people who understand small business retail and who are committed to offering a pathway that helps local small business retail businesses compete.

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