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Retail advice for newsagents – taking your business online


Taking your newsagency online: a dive into newsXpress national and local store websites.
Tuesday, Feb. 16 @ 2pm Melbourne time.

Tuesday next week, at 2pm, we are hosting a new free workshop for any newsagent interested in taking their newsagency business online.

We will leverage our newsagency software experience as well as our newsagency management experience to provide current best practice advice and insights for Aussie newsagents looking to take their business online.

This session will look at this topic from the context of what newsXpress does and has done for 5+ years. We will look at the national sites and the local store sites:

  • How to generate online traffic for national and local store websites.
  • The cost of fulfilling sales.
  • How local stores setup for efficient fulfilment.
  • Managing freight in terms of lowest cost to execute as well as decision making around the free freight question.
  • What being online has meant for in-store purchases.
  • Repeat business prospects.
  • How to use online for first to market opportunities.
  • How to be sure quantity on hand data is accurate.
  • This will be a genuine behind the scenes look.

We are doing this new session using newsXpress national website and local store website examples because we have good data and personal experiences we can speak to. You can rely on this information to make more informed decisions yourselves at the local store level as well in the context of any group you are part of.

newsXpress was the first marketing group in any retail channel in Australia to deliver local store connected websites with a live quantity on hand data feed. The learnings have helped other groups step into this. lucrative space.

This will be an online session, which you can access from anywhere with this link:
Meeting ID: 978 8942 1359 Passcode: 791972

We won’t be trying to sell you anything in the session. Rather, we will share experience insights, lay out the steps involved, discuss online platform options and answer all questions. This is a practical advice session that any retail newsagent could benefit from.

And, if the 2pm timing does not work, let me know and I will do my best to schedule another session at a time that suits.

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