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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Cloud POS software for local retailers


Some retailers love the idea cloud POS software – not having to worry about software updates or managing the software installation itself.

Tower Systems offers cloud based POS software and has done for years … fully hosted with appropriate security and redundancy. Created for small business retailers with one store or several stores, this cloud based POS solution is working in a range of small business retail sectors.

In addition to providing our cloud based POS software solution, we also offer a desktop solution, which retailers install on their own hardware under their control and management. There are plenty of local retailers who prefer this control, who want to take care of their owns security arrangements.

Tower Systems offers retailers choice when it comes to cloud hosted or local installation. you choose as to what best serves your personal and business needs.

We think offering flexibility is key. It’s certainly what we have found ourselves in our own retail situations. we first ran some of ur shops in a 100% cloud model more than fifteen years ago. That experience helped us evolve our cloud POS offering.

There are some POS software companies that only offer a cloud solution and others that only offer a desktop solution. We are grateful to our software developers for providing a solution that can be either – in the cloud or on the desktop, allowing retailers to choose what is most appropriate to their business needs.

So, cloud or not? It really is up to you. take your time. Think about your business needs. Look at the total cost of ownership of each and make an informed decision. While one approach may look more appealing in the short term, it is the ownership cost over time that we think it is worth considering when assessing whether cloud hosted of desktop is the best approach for your business.

We can connect you with retailers in each situation so you can hear first hand from their experiences. We can also demonstrate what either approach may look like for you and your business.

While buzzwords sound cool, business decisions are best made on the evidence, away fro. the marketing gloss. this is why we say take your time, collect the evidence and decide what is right for you, when you are ready. we will support you through this.

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