Does your POS software run in the cloud? This is a common question we are asked.

Our answer … yes, our POS software runs in the cloud. We have many customers who do this. Some arrange their own hosting while others host through our secure off-site hosting infrastructure.

We also have many customers who choose to run our software on their own in-house desktop computers.

Our cloud POS software enables businesses to easily handle a single store situation through to a network of stores, 15, 20 … more. This is the flexibility of cloud POS software and we are here for it, helping small business retailers leverage cloud hosting to their advantage.

But, hey, if you run in a desktop situation, how can it be a cloud POS solution as well. Where the software runs, where it is hosted is 100% up to our customers. They choose the hosting platform that best suits their business needs and best suits their tech infrastructure access. This is important in that a business situation with poor internet access may not be ideal for a cloud hosted environment.

This is why offering flexibility for our customers as to hosting situation makes sense, it is why we provide our customers with choice.

Our POS software can be clod hosted or desktop hosted. You choose.

Big IT companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing the term cloud. They have done this because they know buzzwords sell. The reality is, your software has to run somewhere. It has to be maintained. Whether it is running on computers in your business or in the cloud, the costs are not that different. The key difference is one approach feels sexier than the other, because of the marketing.

Our retail skilled account managers can talk with you to determine your needs and propose a solution that best serves your needs.

Whether you run cloud hosted POS software or desktop hosted POS software is best determined by your business needs, by your business situation. Take the time, do the research and decide what serves you, your location and your budget.

Tower Systems offers choice and that is what really does matter in the debate of cloud hosted POS or not.