Tower Systems has been offering locally made repairs management software as part of its specialty retailer POS software for more than twenty years. the software it offers today is fresh, innovative and focussed on serving the efficiency and customer satisfaction needs of local small business retailers.

Thanks for wonderful advice from businesses offering repairs services, this software evolves to serve new opportunities.

See for yourself some of the highlights of this repairs software in this new short video that we shot in-house last week.

Integrated with the Tower Systems POS software, these unique and local business focussed repairs and workshop management tools are part of the software, not come add-on that you say extra for or that you rely on some other software company to support. being an integral part of the POS software helps make these repairs tools more valuable, more useful.

Made for jewellers and bike shops, these repairs and workshop management tools in our POS software are being used in myriad businesses today.

Some of the functions our specialist retail software’s repair features are being used for include:

  • In Jewellers: Jewellery and watch workshop repairs, dated manufacturing.
  • In Bike Shops: Bicycle and tricycle repairs, warranty returns.
  • In music shops: instrument repair.
  • In sewing shops: sewing machine maintenance and repair.
  • In Garden Centres: Landscaping services management.
  • In pool maintenance businesses: Pump and equipment planned maintenance as well as repair.
  • In Firearms Stores: Gunsmithy and equipment repairs, warranty returns.
  • In Pet Shops: Aquarium installations.

Repairs management software is flexible, serving a range of needs outside managing the actual repairs themselves. The flexibility in the software enables it to be used in different businesses for different purposes – from job management, to workshop management and traditional repairs management.

This specialty function software tracks the labour and resources used from a billing and inventory management perspective. It also handles allocation of repairs or parts of a repair to venues outside the business (for contracting and supplier exchanges or repairs for warranty issues, for example) and tracks repair staff and couriers used in shipping repairs.

Once the repair is ready for pick-up by the customer, the software finalises the billing and advises the customer by SMS or another preferred method. Customers love the contact they receive. It positions the business as professional and engaged.

Payments are processed with the usual depth of our retail software’s point of sale functionality – customers can make multiple payments against a repair or a specialist manufacturing, pay through cash, EFTPOS, PayPal or other methods.