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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

POS software for doll shops helps local doll shops help doll collectors and lovers


Tower Systems is grateful to help doll shops with POS software that serves the unique needs of their businesses. Made in Australia for local businesses, this software has facilities that go beyond what is traditional for retail POS software.

Our doll shop POS software helps doll shops better serve their customers. It does this in plenty of ways. We only realised when we were shown by experts in the doll shop retail space.

Here are some of the facilities in our doll shop POS software that we have been told are especially useful in these niche businesses:

  • Repairs management. Doll shops often offer repair and care services. Our software enables the tracking of repairs including parts and labour tracking. It also maintains customer contact, to keep them up to date with when the repair can be collected. The flexibility of the repairs / workshop management tools is ideal for the nature of repair / maintenance services offered in doll shops.
  • Club marketing and support. Embedded in the doll shop POS software are facilities that enable the business to serve the members of clubs with offers and pricing. This nurtures the love of collecting and showing dolls and better connects the business to this community, ultimately growing the size of the community.
  • Special orders. With many dolls made to order or sold on a pre-order basis, offering facilities in the doll shop POS software for managing these types of orders helps the business to manage opportunities and to capture revenue in advance of having items to sell. This level on unique record keeping is key for the doll collector businesses.
  • Serial number tracking. Yes, plenty of collector dolls have serial numbers. Tracking them from within the software offers a service that doll shops can leverage.
  • Anniversary marketing. Collectors love their dolls. To many, they are a member of the family. Remembering anniversaries can help a doll shop maintain a connection with their collector customers.
  • Rare visit loyalty.  The customer visit cycle for a doll shop is infrequent, patchy. Embedded in this software for doll shops are loyalty tools that respect this and encourage shoppers to provide more value to the business from each visit. It’s in doll retail where you see old-school loyalty as inappropriate.

Tower Systems is grateful to serve specialty doll retailers with our POS software, to help them run more successful and enjoyable businesses, to help them broaden the appeal of doll collecting and doll love.

Our specialty POS software is good at serving specialist retail business needs.

For more information: sales@tower or: 1300 662 957.

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