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Tower Systems launches Evergreen Connect integration for garden centres


Two weeks ago, Tower Systems announced to its POS software customers the successful integration with Evergreen Connect for electronic invoices for garden centres that are part of that vibrant group.

Through our Software Ideas platform we have had requests to be able to import Evergreen Connect invoices (nursery green life goods). Luke Matheson, our Software Development Manager, has been in contact with Matt at Evergreen Connect and has achieved this. This is now available for our customers. Some setup is required at evergreen connects end which they will walk you through but this is available to all users in their current version.

We have shared with our customers comprehensive information about the connection, how it works and the setting options embedded in our garden centre POS software.

Here is more information about Evergreen Connect:

EvergreenConnect is a new generation in plant stock sourcing. We aim to be the largest greenlife database in Australia and New Zealand with up to date information on who’s got what, where it is, and how to get it. At EvergreenConnect we pride ourselves on using current technology to ensure up to date plant sourcing and supply information is easily available to the wholesale and retail nursery market and landscape industries.

We provide you with one place to find, view and contact wholesale nursery suppliers. Our service is widely used by wholesale and retail nurseries, landscapers, councils and the allied professional landscape community.

Our information is kept up to date and our plant listing is constantly growing, with over 140,000 products, we know you will find what you need and if you don’t we’ll do our best to help you try to find it.

Here at Tower Systems we are grateful to bring this garden centre POS software / Evergreen Connect link to life.

Using this retail channel specific software, garden centres can provide personal service for their local community. They can encode their knowledge and guide that this be served to customers based on their purchases. Through these facilities garden centres can differentiate their businesses.

Unlike traditional everyday POS software, this garden centre POS software from Tower Systems is rich in features for garden centres, loaded with tools and reports that can help garden centre owners and staff run a more efficient and successful business.

The software evolves through regular updates. Many of the changes delivered in the updates are suggested direct to our development team by our users. It’s a transparent and democratic process.

By Mark
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