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Helping do good: Max the Dog for autism support and awareness


We are proud to see how our local retail POS software its used by many local retail businesses to do good in so many different ways, from helping local business thrive to helping them help their local comunuies and more.

Recently, we have been proud to see how our POS software has helped hundreds of local retailers sell Max, a Beanie Boo created to raise funds for autism awareness and support.

Each Max sold raises funds. Max is encouraging other help, too. Max is also playing a part in raising awareness about autism.

We have helped Max reach more people in a few ways: through easy selling online through our Magento and Shopify website connected POS software, through easy finding thanks to Google searches and our online connections and through in-store sale and promotion thanks to platforms for this in our local retail POS software.

In doing this work, we have come, ourselves, to understand why Max was created and the work of a range off charities and organisations involved in supporting those with autism and those who care for them. we are grateful for these learning opportunities cities, to have discovered so much and to be able to help in different ways.

Using our Aussie made POS software, retailers are able to share valuable information when people buy Max, such as the details of local autism support groups and services, and more. Going the extra distance like this is a way local retailers are able to do more for their communities, to help support others and show the value of a genuinely locally owned and run retail business.  We have been able to show retailers how they can do this easily, amplifying the reach of the Max campaign, which was first launched in the US by Ty Inc.

It’s one thing for local retailers to offer products as fundraisers and another, one more valuable, for them to go further, amplify the message and encourage more support and engagement by adding the local connections, because, after all, the best retail is local.

In a bg business, Max is a SKU, a barcode, something to sell. In a local retail business, Max is a campaign, for your friend, neighbour or relative. It’s personal. This is the small business difference, the way we can engage to help nurture more valuable and practical outcomes.

By Mark
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